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Infrastructure is inseparable from the support of concrete, cement and sand and gravel aggregate, these materials need more high-quality and efficient crusher and other equipment to provide technical support. Professional crusher and sand making R & D and manufacturing Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. has glimpse of the market opportunities, will provide a comprehensive equipment technology and quality indicators, to challenge the market.

Gravel equipment industry has been noted that the 2013 infrastructure projects approved remains a relatively fast growth rate, and real estate investment rebounded, while annual investment growth of more than 25% of the national water conservancy construction full speed, as well as railway infrastructure investment accelerated sharply in late 2012. These messages to the concrete and cement industry development opportunities, but also to focus on the gravel equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises to enhance confidence.

Urbanization of much-needed raw materials such as cement and gravel, urbanization development is inseparable from the crusher sand making machine and other equipment and technical support. My famous mine machinery broken machine, system sand machine, and mobile broken station and building garbage processing equipment research manufacturer Hongxing Machinery, full support Gansu province town of development, company used domestic advanced technology, combines domestic gravel industry reality development of gravel equipment main including mobile broken station, and fixed broken station, track broken station, and jaw type broken machine, and counterattack type broken machine, and hydraulic tapered broken machine, Simmons tapered broken machine, and VI hydraulic shock type broken machine, VI centrifugal shock type broken machine (new system sand machine ), Vibrating screens, feeders, is China’s gravel Association recommendation product, deeply General customers ’ trust in the market, has a good reputation in the market, exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, is the gravel industry preferred equipment for production, will play a positive role in the development of China’s urbanization.

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