Never neglect the importance of innovation in sand

Mining is an important way for us to get coal resources. Therefore, applying a central command system—electro-hydraulic control system to the coal mining equipment—powered support is very significant for the safety production of fully-mechanized working face and improving automaticity of coal mining.

Market demand led to the mass production of cement, in order to produce a large number of cement products meet the production needs, we need to have a lot of production technology and production equipment to help sand making machine as the key equipment of cement production in the future development will actively improve their own technology, trying to make cement production more efficient, energy-saving, thereby increasing production, reducing production costs.

Hongxing Machinery production of sand making machine is set developed the successful experience of similar products at home and abroad, has a powerful, high crushing efficiency, simple structure, reliable work, easy to produce, and low maintenance, equipment and production costs can be realized .The material is extruded rubbing, grinding, such as multiple broken to achieve mass production, it is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. Sand can be hard or medium hard ore coarse broken, can easily meet the demand for limestone cement industry, sand making machine in the same time to achieve coordinated development, structure, effectiveness, quality of reunification.

In the operation of the equipment, there will be a variety of simple or complex faults. How to deal with problems? Remember not to feed much in the operation of the sand maker. The crushing cavity will be blocked if the sand maker is fed too much. When the crushing cavity is blocked, you should immediately stop feeding and not start again the feeder until the material in the cavity is crushed completely. It is noteworthy that the machine cannot stoped in this process. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the sand maker, we should make an tour inspection in the operation of the machine, observe the working conditions of the various components and pay much attention to the temperature of the bearings. For large plain bearings, high temperature will prone to cause bush-burning accidents. Another thing you should note is that reducing the temperature of the bearings immediately when the temperature is too high but you must not immediately stop the operation of the machine.

mineral mixing barrel: